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Chaitra Sankranti and Mundane Affairs

मीन राशि में सूर्य के संक्रमण अर्थात चैत्र संक्रांति को षडशीतिमुख कहते हैं। संक्रांति यदि आधी रात से पूर्व हो तो पूर्व दिन का उत्तरार्ध पुण्यकाल होता है आधी रात के उपरांत संक्रांति हो तो अगले दिन का पूर्वार्ध पुण्यकाल होता है।
रात्रि के पहले पहर में पड़ने वाली संक्रांति भूतों और पिशाचो का नाश करती है। धनिष्ठा नक्षत्र में होने के कारण संक्रांति की संज्ञा सम है। सम संज्ञक नक्षत्रो में संक्रांति मुहूर्त्ति होती है 30 मुहूर्ति मीन संक्राति में स्नान, दान, जप इत्यादि का विशेष पुण्य काल मध्याह्न बाद होगा। मुहूर्त्ति संक्रांति में अन्न समभाव ही रहता है न महंगा न सस्ता लेकिन दूध और दही महंगे होंगे ।

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Samvat 2075 - King of the planetary Council

According to Kalaprakasika, an ardent classical text the Raja or king of the year is the planet which is ruling the day (day of the week) on which Sun enters the first point of Aries. But this method of
choosing lord of the year does not find favor with other school of thought. The accepted prindple Is to make mantri or Prime Minister lord of day on which Sun enters Aries. So Mantrl or Prime Minister (The minister) is decided on the basis of the planet which rules the day on which on which Sun enters first point of Aries. In Samvat 2075 Sun enters Aries on Saturday so the day Lord Saturn is the Minister.
King Is to be chosen right at the start of the Hindu year, which begins on Chaitra Shukala Pratipada when Sun is in Meena or Pisces. So in Samvat 2075 Hindu New Years starts on Sunday Chaitra Shukla Pratipada. so the day lord Sun becomes the king.

तीक्ष्णोSर्क: स्वल्पसस्यश्च गतमेघोSतितस्कर:|
बहूरगव्याधिगणो भास्कराब्दो रणाकुल: ||

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Jagat Kundali -Horoscope of World for New Samvat 2075

To know the auspicious and inauspicious results in an individual's life, a horoscope at the time of birth is casted. Same way to know the auspicious and inauspicious results in the world JAGAT KUNALI is casted every year. When Sun enters Aries/Mesha te chart casted at that particular moment is called Jagat Kundali.
Twelve houses of this Mundane Chart give prediction about the twelve months of the Samvatsar from Chaitra to Falgun. A house in which a benefic planet is posited will give auspicious results corresponding to that month. In the same way positing of a malefic planet in a house will give its inauspicious results in respect of the corresponding month.
निजोच्चे निजवरगे वा शुभ: पापोSपि वा भवेत्|
बलवान दोषविच्छेता हरिरेको यथा गजान||

Friday, January 26, 2018

Hindu New Year Samvat 2075

Chaitra Amavasya
17 March 2018
Nav Samvatsar
17 March 2018
18:41 Hrs – New Delhi
Moon Sign
 Purva Bhadra pada
Samvat Name
Virodh Krit
Shiva (Rudra)
 Navam (9th)
Samvat year

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Lunar Eclipse and Mundane Prediction

Lunar Eclipse in Cancer Sign 31 Jan 2018 by Anju Anand

It will be third eclipse of the Samvat 2074. But it will be first according to Georgian calendar. This eclipse is more important in for the astronomers because Moon will be closest to the Earth. This moon is called super-moon. It will also be a blue moon (second full moon of the month-also a rare phenomenon).

 Tithi -Purnima

Moon Sign -Cancer (Watery sign)

Moon Navamsha -Sagittarius (Firy Navamsha)

Nakshtra - Pushya

Yoga -Ayushman

This eclipse will bring problems to brahmins and heads of states and big institutions. Religious persons come to grief.

People living in the southern states in India especially in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu will suffer.

There will be damage to crops. Ghee, oil and honey will become costlier

As per the Brihat Samhita an eclipse in Cancer sign can give troubles to Ahir community, wrestlers and body builders, Natives of Rajasthan , Haryana & Punjab. Cereals will get costlier.

The eclipse falling in the lunar month of ‘Magha’ gives troubles to the people living in Bengal and Odisha. A cyclonic storm may bring heavy rain in the coastal areas of Bangladesh, West Bengal and Odisha in next 15 days.

The aspect of Mercury , Venus and Sun on the Moon at the time of eclipse shows that coming days will be good for people in jewelry business, cotton & cloth trading.

As for India Fundamental chart this eclipse is happening in the 4th House from Lagna. Rahu is transiting on the natal Moon of India. So this eclipse in the Moon Sign will create more problems on the borders. Also strict tax reforms  on the card. Major point to note is that the Union Budget for financial year 2018-19 on February 1 just a day after eclipse.

As seen in rashi Sangatha Chakra both the luminaries are under Malefic influence. Maximum number of Planets in Earthy sign and Moon, Mars, Rahu in watery sign.
after effects of the eclipse can be a major earth quake, heavy snow falls in higher reaches may result in extended winter season. More than normal rains in coastal area is expected. Cyclon, storm may hit West Bengal / Odisha.

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-:Anju Anand

Monday, October 2, 2017

Predicting rains in mundane astrology

The conjunction of planets and its effect on rainfall -

– When Mercury and Venus are conjoined and it is aspected or conjunct natural malefic planets then there will be no or insufficient rains. When the same Mercury and Venus are aspected by Jupiter then rain will be in plenty.

– When Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are conjunct in one sign and not aspected by malefics, then there will be plenty of rain.

– When Venus, Saturn and Mars are conjunct and Jupiter is aspecting them, then there will be heavy rains.

– When Venus is conjunct with Moon or Mars is conjunct Moon, then too there will be plenty of rains.

– When natural benefics are ahead of natural malefics, then there will be plenty of rains.

– When Jupiter is conjunct Sun, then there will be good rainfall. This is till when Jupiter is not combust.

– When Venus turns retrograde and separates from Mercury, then for 5 to 7 days there will be heavy rains.

– When Sun is in Cancer and Jupiter aspects it then there will be plenty of rain.

– When a planet is rising or combust and Jupiter aspects it then there will be plenty of rains.

– When Venus and Saturn are conjunct then there will be less rains. When natural malefic planets gets out of retrogression then there will be good rains. When Jupiter is retrograde then too there will plenty of rain.

– When natural malefics turns high speed then there will be good rains.

– When natural benefics becomes retrograde then there will be good rains.

– When Jupiter is in Leo, Virgo and Libra and there are planets in 11th house from Jupiter, then there will be plenty of rains.

– When Mars is in 7th house from Venus; When Jupiter is in 7th house from Saturn, then too there will be rains.

The Sun’s association with following planets give following effects;

– Sun + Mercury = Rain with winds
– Sun + Venus = Heavy rains
– Sun + Mars = Warm weather
– Sun+ Jupiter = Dry weather resulting in drought
– Sun + Saturn = Scanty rain and cold weather
– Sun + Rahu = Stormy weather

-:Anju Anand

Calculations of Samvatsar - Jupiter year

Varah Mihira in his classical work has clearly mentioned that astrologer should be well versed in computation of the commencement and termination times of the 60 yuga year period, the Yuga (5 years Period), a year, a month, a day, Hora (an hour) and also of their respective lords.

षष्टयब्दयुगवर्षमासदिनहोराधिपतीनां प्रतिपत्तिच्छेदवित् 

When Jupiter enters the first quarter of Dhanishtha and at the same time rises after getting eclipsed by Sun, in the month of Magha, Prabhav the first year of his cycle of 60 years comes into being and it will be beneficial to all. 
Lunar month of Magha begins when Sun enters Aquarius (solar Falguna Month), above condition satisfied if Jupiter be in 9s-23°-21' and the Sun in 10s-06°-21'
as Jupiter rises at an interval of 13° between his longitude and Sun`s.

यत्रोत्तिष्ठति सहोदयमुपगच्छति येन देवपतिमंत्री
ततसंज्ञम वक्तव्यं वर्ष मासक्रमेणेव

Ascertain the star in which Jupiter rises after conjunction with Sun 
The star/ Nakshtra occupied by Jupiter when he comes out from conjunction with Sun.

The name of that star becomes the name of that Year and succeeding year bear the name of months in their respective regular order. For example if Jupiter re emerges in the star Krittika then that year would be called "Karttika", succeeding years would be Margashirhsa, Pausha etc.

Jupiter years commence from Kartikka and consists of two asterism each beginning with  Krittika and follows in regular manner. however 5, 10, 11 years comprise of 3 asterisms.

In the year 2017 Jupiter rises in the asterism of Swati, so the year will be called Chaitra (If Jupiter rises in Chitra or Swati year is named Chaitra)

विष्णु: सुरेज्यो बलभिद्भुता शास्त्वष्टौत्तरप्रोष्ठपदाधिपश्च
क्रमादयुगेशा: पितृ विश्वसोमशक्रानलाख्याश्विभगा: प्रदिष्टा:
The lord of 12 Yugas (5 year periods) in the cycle of Jupiter are the following in order -1. Vishnu, 2. Jupiter, 3. Indra, 4. Fire, 5. Tavsta (one of the prajapatis/ creators), 6. Ahirbudhanya, 7. The Manes, 8. Vishvedeva (the All gods), 9. Soma (the Moon), 10. Indragni, 11. The Ashvins, 12. Bhaga (the Sun). 

Out of these 12 first four vishnu, Jupiter, Indra, and Fire are the foremost and the best; next four Tavsta, Ahirbudhanya, The Manes and Vishvedev are moderate whereasthe last four The Moon, Indragni, Ashvin and The Sun are the worst.
Vedanga Jyotish approves a Yuga of 5 years

संवत्सरोSग्नि: परिवत्सरोSर्क इदादिक: शीतमयूखमालि
प्रजापतिश्चाप्यनुवत्सर: स्यादीद्वत्सर: शैलसुतापतिश्च||२४||   
Names of five year of Jupiter in a lustrum along with their deities are 

1.   Samvatsar (संवत्सर)– Agni

2.   Parisamvatsar (परिवत्सर) – Sun

3.   Idavatsar (इदावत्सर) – Moon

4.   Anuvastar (अनुवत्सर) – Prajapati

5.   Idavavastara (इद्ववत्सर)– Rudra

In the first-year rainfall is equally distributed

In second year rain fall is good in the beginning but not afterwards.

In the third year there is plenty of rain throughout the season.

In the fourth year there is late rains mostly towards the end of season.

In the fifth-year scanty rain fall throughout the rainy season

(Shravana, Bhadrapada, Aswayuja and Kartika are rainy season, even distribution of rains means equal rain in four months)

There are 12 Yugas or five yug periods in a cycle of 60 years and their lord as stated below  

Name of Years
1 Yuga
Prabhav, Vibhav, Shukal, Pramoda, Prajapati
They are beneficial in the order. In these rulers govern so well that being get rid of all the fears, curses of Kaliage, Subject is content and happy.
2 Yuga
Angiras, Srimukha, Bhava, Yuva and Dhatu
First Three are auspicious and remaining two are moderate. Abundant rain in first three years and people will be free from affliction and fear. In the last two years rains will be equally distributed but there will be outbreak of disease and war.
3 Yuga
Ishwara, Bahudhanya, Pramathin, Vikrama and Vrisha
First two are auspicious and will bestow thefruit of the golden age on the people. Last two will give plenty of food grains and risk from diseases.
4 Yuga
Chitrabhanu, Subhanu, Taran, Parthiva, Vyaya
Chitrabhanu is declared best, Subhanu is medium as it brings sickness without mortality, Taran gives rains, Parthiva is declared to give luxuriant crops, and the Vayaya is auspsicous as love reigns supreme and festivities will be the order of the day
5 Yuga
Sarvajit, Sarvadharan, Virodhin, Vikrita and Khara.
All bring about dread, danger except Sarvadharan
6 Yuga
Nandana, Vijaya, Jaya, Manmatha, and Durmukha
The first three are proitious, Monmath id middleing and the last one will prove the worst of the lot.
7 Yuga
The Manes
Hemlambi, Vilambi, Vikari, Sarvari and Plava
First year will have stormy rains accompanied by the six fold afflictions. Next year crops and rains will be scanty, third year will prove disastrous through floods and fourth year will usher in famine. Last year Plava will prove auspicious.
8 Yuga
Sobhkrit, Shubhakrit, Krodhi, Vishwavasu and Prabhav
First two brings joy and contentment ot the people. The third will prove very malefic and the last will be middling. In the fifth year there will be fire, affliction caused by war and disease and the brahmin and kettle will suffer.
9 Yuga
Plavanga, Keelaka, Saumya, Sadharan and Rodhakrit
Of these Keelaka and Sadharan are good while Plavanga will prove troublesome in many ways t people. In the year Sadharan there will not be much rains and there will be six fold affliction. In the fifth year rains will be unequally distributed but crops will flourish.
10 Yuga
Paridhavi, Pramadi, Ananda, Rakshasha, and Anala.
In the year Paridhavi central part of country will suffer and a king will die. There will be dearth of water and troubles from fire. In the year Pramadi people will be lazy, there will be war and red flowers and red seeds will be destroyed. Next Ananda will bring joy to all. Next Rakshasha and Anala will produce a general decay the former will be marked by growth of summer crops and the latter by outbreak of fires and epidemics.
11 Yuga
Pingala, Kalayukta, Siddhartha, Raudra and Durmati
In the first year there will be excessive rains, robbers will increase. People will suffer from asthama, cough followed by shaking of jaws. Year Kalayukta has got many defects and evils while the year Siddhartha is contains many good qualities. In Raudra there will be much suffering and loss. Durmati will have medium rains.
12 yuga
Dundhubhu, Udgari (Rudhirodgari), Raktaksha, Krodha and Kshaya.
Dundhubhi will be marked by the growth of plenty of food grains, in Udgari kings will suffer and rains will also be uneven and irregular. In Raktaksha there will be general danger caused by tusked animals like boar and disease. In Krodha people will become subjected to anger, hatred and kingdome will be devastated through wars. Kshaya brings all kind of loss and destruction, panic among brahmins but agriculture flourish.

-:Anju Anand

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